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Let us know If you can't be at the inspection for any reason. You can sign the contract right HERE! After you let us know, just enter your E-mail address and follow the instructions and you can sign the contract and we can do the inspection. If we do not have a signed contract we CAN NOT preform the inspection. So please be at the inspection or let us know an you can sign it here.

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Home Inspections Done RIGHT! Is our motto. It should also read Reports Done RIGHT as well. Our reports cover so many aspects of the home, that it can't be done on site. There is no possible way to get a report of this quality sitting in a vehicle for 15 minutes after the inspection. When we say our report takes three to four hours that is BOTH inspectors working on the report. It takes time to upload the pictures for the report and when needed we draw and label right on the pictures, so you can fully and clearly understand what is being shown. We tell you what was found and an opinion on the condition of each system inspected. Chances are this is the larges purchase you will ever make in your life. Why would you even consider going with the CHEAP inspection? If you need an operation do you want the BEST persons to be doing the operation or do you want the cheapest, with no regard to training and ability? You want the BEST, because anything less could cost you thousands later on.

Take a look at the sample inspections provided. When looking at your report online you will be able to zoom in on the pictures to take a closer look. You can also print out the report to have a paper copy.