Radon testing: You need a test that you can be sure is correct. Our equipment uses 6 different testers and takes a reading every 30 minutes. Our equipment will show temperature, humidity and if there is any movement with the tester. You get a report graph that is easy to understand as well as a record of all the recorded data. If you have a mitigation system, we can check to see that it is working properly and properly under all weather conditions.

Annual Home Inspection: This is a GREAT way to stay on top of maintenance and check for any issues before they become bigger problems. Catching issues when they first start is a lot like going to your doctor for a check-up. Catching problems in the early stages will cost much less to fix. 

Move in Certified: When selling your home, the last thing you want is an unexpected problem to be found when the buyer gets the home inspection. Why not have the inspection done BEFORE any buyer looks at the house! This will give you time to fix any issues found. Why wait and wonder what will be found during the home inspection, when you can hand the buyer a completed inspection report. More Information click here

Thermal Imaging: Thermal Imaging is very important in today's home inspections. Hiring a home inspector who does not have a thermal camera is like hiring a half blind inspector. The camera is used to see many things the naked eye can not see. It is used to help check wall insulation, moisture intrusion air leaks and much more*. 

Mold inspection: We offer two different kinds of mold testing, complete and limited. A complete inspection the house is looked over top to bottom and the air is tested in areas of concern and if needed other samples can be taken and sent to the lab. A limited test is when there is a area of concern and we test that single area. You do not need a home inspection to have a complete mold inspection or you can make it part of your home inspection for a large discount.

Water testing: We offer Certified water testing.  

Certified testing is done by an outside lab and may take a few days to get results. The sample is taken during the inspection and dropped off at the lab for testing. 

Home Inspection for Real Estate Transactions: The most common inspection done. When buying a house it is ALWAYS advised to have a independent opinion on the property. Someone who has NO interest if the property sells. The Realtors both the selling agent and a buyers agent only get paid when the property sells, so they want that sale to happen!

Services offered:

  • Home Inspection for Real Estate transactions
  • Mold inspections complete and limited
  • Radon Testing and Retesting
  • Annual Home Inspection
  • Move in Certified
  • Water Testing Certified
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Bank Inspections
  • ‚ÄčRemote Inspections 


* Thermal imaging does not see through walls but sees the heat. It is only a tool and is not a guarantee of any kind.

** Non-Certified does not certify that the water is safe. Bacteria test takes 48 hours.