Remote vehicles: Some areas are too small, too high or just unsafe for a person to go safely to inspect. We have acquired two different remote vehicles that can enter into areas the inspector can not. One is what is called a rock crawler with a camera and lights and the other is a drone that can fly over areas such as steep roofs and chimneys. *

*Charges may apply.  ** Thermal imaging does not see through walls but sees the heat. It is only a tool and is not a guarantee of any kind.

Heated floors 


Remote vehicle ​

Thermal imaging:  

No one can see through walls, right? We have as close to seeing though walls as possible. Our thermal imaging camera can see things the human eye can not. The camera can see temperature changes that can assist in seeing water leaks, missing insulation and other issues. **

At T & R Inspection LLC we have acquired some specialized equipment to assist in doing proper inspections. 

Moisture not visible to the human eye

Having the speiclaized high tech equipment increases the likelihood of finding defects that can cost homeowners thousdands of dollars. 

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